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  bolwall - 02/01/19 08:55
  Hi. I need your honest opinion. I am an IMG from 2011 w/ green card. I did step 1 and I got 204 first attempt. Then I was doing great with Step 2ck with the nbme and UWSA, Uworld over 70% but I got 209 very dissapointed. Am I have a chance to go into IM or FM. I have letter of US doctors. Thanks  
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* Re:Help
  bolwall - 04/15/20 13:54
  Hi. I did step 1, 2ck and 2cs only. I got one of my interviews for a connection and I performed very well in my interview day. I applied for family medicine and internal medicine. I applied for around 80 positions in IM but nobody sent me an invitation. I applied for those number of programs because of my credentials. Things that help a lot other than your steps are a great personal statement, letter of recommendations and connection. Even with those requirements the most important thing is your interview performance. Depending of the type of program that you are applying is the type of candidate they are looking for. So, apply smart and make a personal connection in your interview day are essentials. I hope this help.  
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* Re:Help
  luckylady - 04/15/20 17:25
  Thanks for your response bolwall! Congrats again on matching!  
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* Re:Help
  ishaan9 - 04/27/20 13:22
  hey plz dont listen to any negative things out there , just go ahead to achieve ur dream residency , make ur CV strong by externships/ observer-ships/ LORs and making contacts . Matching dosent depend solely on scores alone , else we wouldn't have so many incredible stories out there.  
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* Re:Help
  kavya@4a1 - 05/05/20 13:07
  @luckylady, Yes completing Step 3 exam will be helpful for the application, also having connections can be helpful for the application.  
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