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* Alternatives to residency. please help.
  sublimation - 02/05/19 21:41
  - very old graduate, step 1, 2, 3 done. No interviews for two years.
-Dont like to do PA, Nursing, Mph, Research.
-Could you suggest some self employed/ self owned medical fields/jobs please.??

Thank you Everyone.
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* Re:Alternatives to residency. please help.
  biniguy - 02/05/19 21:49
Sorry I have no suggestions as alternative to residence but I would like to know your scores in the steps. Do you the score may be the reason for lack of interview?
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* Re:Alternatives to residency. please help.
  sublimation - 02/05/19 21:54
  Just passing scores in Step exams. not even average scores. Hope it helps you.  
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* Re:Alternatives to residency. please help.
  abdurrehman112 - 02/06/19 01:25
  Look into Clinical Documentation Specialists Jobs, try to get certifications like CCS, CCDS, CDIP, it is a well-paid job and clinical to some extent as well.  
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* Re:Alternatives to residency. please help.
  struggling10 - 02/06/19 12:35
  It all depends on what you want among the 3 P's (Passion, Prestige, Pay). Yes, getting residency and being able to practice as a physician would ideally fulfill all the 3 P's but when u look at other career options, which one of the 3 P's are u looking to fulfill?

Nursing or PA will fulfill your Passion to see patients, and has reasonably good Pay but does not have the Prestige of an MD, and it will be a reminder to u when u will have to work around MD's everyday. And it is not wrong to feel this way coz it is something that u deserve too coz u have a medical degree, took the usmle exams and u only need to match, to be like them.

Going into other non clinical and non science careers, might give you a good Pay but you might not get the Prestige and Passion that u r looking for.

It is a tough decision, and only u have to choose what makes u happy, what u want to achieve out of whichever career path u choose next. Good luck!
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* Re:Alternatives to residency. please help.
  down21 - 02/06/19 15:46
  why you dont like PA, NP, MPH , Research etc? They are good fields  
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* Re:Alternatives to residency. please help.
  sublimation - 02/06/19 16:42
  @down21...working as PA, Nursing for me is like wearing a coffin while alive. I dont like MPH, research either. I messed up my USMLE credentials because of unawareness with US education and Exam system which has no connection with the rubbish education system in country, i migrated from. I am a total opinionated clinical Guy, with lot of clinical experience. I have done and am doing Externships with with MD physicians here in the US and I dont find much difference btw them and me, i say respectfully.

-I have two options. Either I should go some other part of this world where I can be a physician. OR. I should establish my own self owned medically related setup. Man....Crazy Life.
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* Re:Alternatives to residency. please help.
  reactant - 02/06/19 17:53
  If you already completed residency and licensed in your own country, then go live and work in Saudi Arabia and get paid well and practice what you love.  
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* Re:Alternatives to residency. please help.
  mish2015 - 02/06/19 18:21
  do y have an email to contact you ? I have an idea it might work for you.  
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* Re:Alternatives to residency. please help.
  sublimation - 02/06/19 20:30
  @mish2015. my email= tuffusmle AT yahoo dot com

Put alternatives to residency in the subject line please.

Leave your skype if you have please. thanks
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