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* Learning guide??
  sublimation - 02/15/19 15:05
  What are best sources to learn Spanish, please. Thank you ALL.  
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* Re:Learning guide??
  sublimation - 02/17/19 15:12
  Any Book any resources please.?? thanks  
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* Re:Learning guide??
  moneygram - 02/17/19 22:11
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* Re:Learning guide??
  optimisticpositive - 03/10/19 16:00
  You could take spanish classes in a community college.
There is also a google translator app on apple or galaxy note 4 or 7 phone. It can translate your english into spanish. It is an easy way to learn spanish without spending a dime. I hope it helps.
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* Re:Learning guide??
  sublimation - 03/11/19 19:38
  DOCS....thank you all so much. my regrets for a late response. Thanks again.  
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* Re:Learning guide??
  drvandorn - 03/12/19 12:21
  If you had previous Spanish classes in high school, an online Spanish class, is probably the best option or Rosetta Stone, I used Rosetta to brush up on my Spanish before applying. If this is your first time encountering the Spanish language, a community college course is probably the best option.  
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* Re:Learning guide??
  sublimation - 03/12/19 15:21
  @drvandorn....Thank you

-It is my 1st time try. I will look into community college option.
-What if i buy a book from amazon and learn it well as it will save time, then try community college/some spanish speaking set up/group to make it better.??

Thank you everyone.

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