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* Chances to match?
  bepositive18 - 02/26/19 13:42
  Hello guys :) supportive forum,:) :)

I have a question,

my first choice is a new IM program (kindly, regardless of the name), they Invited 50-60 as they mentioned, for 20 spots, my overall performance is not bad at all with the IV,
I got thank u cards for all of the interviewees but I doubt the coordinator even had time to give it to them, soo worried since the IV, couldn't stop thinking about my chances to match there?........

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* Re:Chances to match?
  helga45 - 02/26/19 14:01
  50 - 60 for 20 spots sounds very optimistic to me.
24 for 2 spots is not that sweet.
So your chance is 1 out of 3 which is more real compared to 1 out of 12 for me for example. You are good.
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* Re:Chances to match?
  bepositive18 - 02/26/19 14:43
thanks, see, still thinking despite all of that,
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* Re:Chances to match?
  kindmd - 02/26/19 18:32
  I think I know this program. Did you just interview this month?
I think you have a good shot @ it! if it's the same program I am thinking, yeah they didn't have time to interview a lot of ppl...and I think they want 230+ on steps, which I am sure you have.

So you should be ok..G'Luck !
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* Re:Chances to match?
  bepositive18 - 02/26/19 22:56

in which state is the program ur talking about?
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* Re:Chances to match?
  comfortzone - 02/27/19 09:55
  @Bepositive18 Be positive man....... Just start singing "California Love" by Tupac. You are definitely heading there.

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* Re:Chances to match?
  bepositive18 - 02/27/19 18:23
  @Comfortzone, are u sure?  
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* Re:Chances to match?
  comfortzone - 02/27/19 18:37
  @bepositive18...... Be positive that's all you can do right now.... you have done your best and ranked according to your preference.

Your matching there will be dependent on the preference of the candidates ranked ahead of you... with 20 spots, you just need one of the spots. I want to believe that other candidates may not rank the program so highly if they have a longer list of rol/preferences.

If I were in your position, i will probably fancy my chances there.

1in 3 chance is really great

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* Re:Chances to match?
  bepositive18 - 02/28/19 13:05

i hope other candidates wont rank it high enough, some others in my day mentioned that they had other IV's as well,
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* Re:Chances to match?
  comfortzone - 02/28/19 14:17
  Just be optimistic. Did some research on your behalf.

There was a new program last year Southeast Alabama Medical Center now Southeast Health which had interviewed like 400 candidates for 13 spots for the 2018 match. They had enough time before ROL deadline to interview.

Guess what they matched their last spot at number 30 on their ROL. 13th position filled on 30th ranked candidate.See link below.

Rumor had it that this program sent "special love letters" to some of the candidates who interviewed. Not all candidates who interviewed there got it for the 2018 match.

You have got very solid chance in your number 1. 20 positions from possible 60 candidates. I will bet you will get 1 position.
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* Re:Chances to match?
  bepositive18 - 02/28/19 14:48

wooow!, your wards are very supporting, really appreciate it!
no matter how you do ina interview, you still feel anxious about your possibilities to match there. really thank you so much!
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