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* Study Partner
  babinski1984 - 03/29/19 11:49

I am a transitional year resident that will be starting on July 1st. It has been a while since my last board exam and I have already taken and passed step 3. I am using the internal medicine board exam questions I purchased from uworld to study. I am looking for a regular study partner to review questions and knowledge in order to prepare for July 1st residency starting. Anyone interested, please email me at:


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* Re:Study Partner
  sublimation - 03/29/19 13:52
  -My step-3 is done. not in residency.
-can study 2 hrs on weekdays. IN ETZ, Maryland. let me know here if it could work for you timings wise.
Thank you
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* Re:Study Partner
  babinski1984 - 04/01/19 17:59
  Sounds good to me. I'm in the eastern time zone as well. Shoot me an email at the address I'll provided and we'll set something up and get rolling. Have a great week.

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* Re:Study Partner
  babinski1984 - 04/08/19 14:15

Never heard back from the interested person. Is anyone else interested? Please reach out to me at the email I provided. Thanks.

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* Re:Study Partner
  lasi123 - 04/08/19 17:49
  hello cris,
Are you preparing for usmle step 2 ck? or just for gaining knowlwdge?
have you done uworld once?
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* Re:Study Partner
  babinski1984 - 04/09/19 09:49
  I already passed all my step exams, including step 3. I am doing the ABIM board questions and online med ed intern content and case x in prep for residency. I did uworld twice for step 2 ck If you are studying for step 2 ck, would still be willing to study together. I'm just trying to gain as much knowledge as I can prior to starting on the wards on july 1st. Almost done with my first pass on ABIM uworld questions. Let me know if interested.

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* Re:Study Partner
  sublimation - 04/09/19 14:46
  Sorry could not join right away-I am struggling with other things at this moment. I may get back to you, once free. please you keep going. Thanks for the offer. Regards.  
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