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* Need guidence
  aysha - 04/02/19 18:40
  I am a graduate of 2006. Step 1 score 202, Step 2 score 197, Passed Step 2 CS in 2nd attempts and step 3 in multiple attempts. I have one and a half year of research experience. I have four months externship in Obgyn doctors office and four months in Family medicine's doctor's office. Can someone please guide me which specialty should I apply to? Pediatrics, Obgyn or Family Medicine.  
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* Re:Need guidence
  parmesh495 - 04/04/19 13:14
  as you have less scores it will be better to go for pediatrics or family medicine. But if you go for pediatrics you need to have rotations in pediatrics it can help the application better. You can get the LORs in the specialty you want to apply for match.  
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* Re:Need guidence
  kindmd - 04/04/19 16:53
  Family medicine I would say but it's hard to find family medicine program which have graduation cut off >10yrs.  
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* Re:Need guidence
  santhosh - 04/17/19 12:18
  Try to look for Family Medicine as you have multiple attempts you need to gain multiple hands-on clinical experience in FM specailty for making the CV strong and shows that you are clinically active. You will also get strong LORs. Try to make connections it can help in getting IVs.  
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* Re:Need guidence
  smartpc - 04/24/19 10:02
  From a PC - Unfortunately, your scores and YOG will automatically filter you in ERAS and your application will not be seen. With the number of applicants increasing each year more than triple the number of residency positions created, programs have the upper hand and are very choosy. I know of no programs who do not use ERAS filters to decrease the number of applications to review for interviews. It is a reality.  
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