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* Roughy USMLE score would I need to Interview/Match
  sartoriuslongus - 04/06/19 21:26
  Realistic advice needed please.

Will be sitting all my USMLE STEP exams within the next 6 months.

I am an Non-US IMG

I graduated from a global top 10 medical school

I have 22 peer-reviewed publications that are all on pubmed (including Nature/JAMA/and other high impact journals) in a variety of medical specialties

I have 3 research experiences (in world renowned research labs)

My question is what STEP 1/CK scores would give me a decent shot at interviews and potential offers for *INTERNAL MEDICINE*

Obviously the higher the better. But in your opinion (from peers/people you know that have matched) what range could see me get a call up?

Again I understand this is just a forum of aspiring US physicians, but to get a wider perspective on my application would be useful.
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* Re:Roughy USMLE score would I need to Interview/Ma
  yanagi - 04/07/19 10:31
  You will find the most realistic data at!/vizhom...ingOutcomes
You will see that non-US IMG + 21-25 publications -> need 240+ on Step 1 and 250+ on Step 2 to match with 100% probability to IM
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* Re:Roughy USMLE score would I need to Interview/Ma
  kavya@4a1 - 04/11/19 12:40
  You need to get more than 240 in each step for getting more IVs for the application, along with scores gain hands-on rotations for making to look that you are clinical active.  
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* Need advice
  mig0209 - 04/12/19 12:55
  I am not going to lie and do not need any bad consideration, and I want to share my case. I am an IMG with a Family Medicine Residency since 2010. I have a National Medal in my country for Biology and I worked in an International Collaboration for poor populations. I also have researches, methodology, a fellowship in Medical Emergency. I was a Medical Chief in a hospital all of this in my country. Now, for personal and family reasons I had to leave my country and I live here in USA. I tried the step 1 3 times, and ironically had almost the same score on each one which is kind of weird. I know about Medicine and I love my career, but I do not feel confident taking these tests and I am not a good test taker in English I think... (my English is good) but I believe that when I am in a lot of stress during the test, I mess it out. so... when I am doing qbanks I get good scores, but my mind just get blank during the test, and this is just because stress? But for this reason now I have 3 scores failed So I do not know what to do... sincerely.  
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