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* Please give the advice
  sky1 - 04/15/19 02:49
  Step 1 206, Step 2 229, step 2 cs (fail CIS in first attempt in late 2018 , non US IMG , grad in 2007. I have given up since the failure of CS due to little chance of matching. Should I try step 2 cs again to get the ECFMG certificate in hand to apply at a later time when I got more USCE or just give up and search for alternative career ? Anyone can give the advice for me, please.  
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* Re:Please give the advice
  drvandorn - 04/15/19 18:25
  To sky,

To be frank, the step 1 score is going to limit you to basically less competitive areas of Medicine and areas you can apply. And the fail attempt is another thing that will limit you. A lot of programs have a one strike policy ( low score on step 1 or step 2 or failed exam). Now their main concern would be if you can pass step 3. And the fact you finished more 10 years ago and donít live in the US is another problem. The odds arenít exactly stacked in your favor. And with USCE it wonít make up for the score or the failed test, however if you get to know PDs personally and they see that you are a viable candidate for their program even though your test scores are poor, they might take a chance with you. This is a rare situation, it can be done, but it is rare.
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* Re:Please give the advice
  kavya@4a1 - 04/24/19 13:21
  Try to complete CS exam again and gain multiple hands-on rotations it can strengthen the CV and make the application better by getting strong LORs. Try to complete Step 3 exam as well it can be useful for the application.  
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* Re:Please give the advice
  sky1 - 04/27/19 21:47
  Thanks, drvandorn and kavya@4a1 for the kind advice.  
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* Re:Please give the advice
  memsearch - 04/29/19 12:19
  If you are in New Jersey we are looking for candidates for paid research jobs
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