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* should I apply now?????
  desperate_img - 04/15/19 06:11
  hi there
IMG, YOG 2017, STEP1 250, no USCE
planning to take step2 ck in early august and step 2cs in june...should I apply in september or my CV is too weak?
plz give your honest opinion coz i am in a terrible dilemma...inerested in IM
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* Re:should I apply now?????
  drvandorn - 04/15/19 18:09
  To Img,

No not now, no USCE is a big red flag. The step score is very good, but if you donít have USCE it is very likely you donít get in anywhere. Take this year to boost your USCE experience.
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* Re:should I apply now?????
  kindmd - 04/15/19 18:12
  Yeah you will need atleast some USCE..I am guessing you will do well on step 2 as well, so scores will not be an issue for you..Look up hospitals in NY which offer USCE and do them ~ 6 months..u should be good!  
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* Re:should I apply now?????
  drvandorn - 04/15/19 18:32
  If you are blocking out 4 months for your steps. And only get 1 month of USCE right after your test... you are likely not to get in.
My best advice is do a rotation in May before your cs, it will prepare you for the test and count as USCE.
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* Re:should I apply now?????
  desperate_img - 04/16/19 12:10
  thank you guys all so much for your time and your useful advice!! My only worry is the time from my YOG(2017)..but i will try to be methodical and not do things in rush  
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* Re:should I apply now?????
  kavya@4a1 - 04/18/19 13:49
  Along with the scores you need to have strong CV which you can gain by having multiple hands-on rotations, also along with the clinical experience you will be provided with strong US LORs which are important for the residency application.  
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* Re:should I apply now?????
  desperate_img - 04/18/19 15:43
  hands-on is not available for the observerships is the only way  
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* Re:should I apply now?????
  drvandorn - 04/19/19 19:16
  Hands on is available for graduates. As long as you have your degree. If you donít Observerships is the only option.  
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* Re:should I apply now?????
  desperate_img - 04/20/19 11:30
  what do you mean if i have a degree???since i am a graduate i do have a medical degree...or do you mean the ECFMG certificate?
how can i have hands on experience??plz dont tell me again about those agencies ....they all send you in private clinics and its very unlikely that you can practice there
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* Re:should I apply now?????
  kavya@4a1 - 04/20/19 14:47
  @desperate_img Hands-on are available for graduates, you can gain externship after graduation itself.  
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* Re:should I apply now?????
  drvandorn - 04/20/19 17:28
  Many hospitals offer externships, which Will require your college degree, many will ask for step 1 score. However there is an extensive wait period to get the rotation. Mount sinai hospital is an example. With your timeline private companies may be your only option (choose wisely amongst the private ones). If you get a hospital rotation, that would be great. But 5 months till sept 15th, theres a good chance you might not get into hospital based rotations or not have at least two months of rotations before sept 15.  
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