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* What are my chances ?
  mleaspirant90 - 04/20/19 13:43
  YOG: 2014
Step 1 : 200
CK: 216
CS: pass second attempt
USCE : 2 months
Research : about to start
VISA: Greencard holder
I will be applying for the first time this year. What are my chances for Internal Medicine ? What more shd I do ? Kindly give me your input. Thanks
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* Re:What are my chances ?
  njsl - 04/22/19 12:16
  please can tell how did u get the research and what type is it?
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* Re:What are my chances ?
  drvandorn - 04/22/19 15:00
  The one of the first things a pd will ask is why there is 5 year gap after you graduated. If you had a job or were working for another degree or another legitimate excuse they might excuse it. Saying you were studying for steps is not an excuse. US MDs have a study period of 2-3 months so a pd will dismiss that as an excuse. Now the scores, they are on the low side and for medicine the very low side. The USCE is good but not great. And the GC will help you a lot. I think itís best for you to apply to FM too along with IM, because as of right now your chances for IM are not great.  
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* Re:What are my chances ?
  zaffroney - 04/23/19 07:52
  which specialty person with theses kind of scores should focus on?  
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* Re:What are my chances ?
  drvandorn - 04/23/19 19:09
  FM IM pathology and Peds, are the best, psych is a lot more competitive than 3 years ago. US Grads had a 84 % match rate while IMGs had a 40% match rate in psych. With very low scores I would avoid psych, and apply to lower end IM programs and FM positions. One of the reasons psych programs are so hard to get is that they have about only 6-8 positions per year compared to internal medicine which has 16-26. Plus there are far more IM and FM programs in the US than psych programs.  
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* Re:What are my chances ?
  mleaspirant90 - 04/24/19 08:30
  @drvandorn thank you very much for your reply. I was planning to apply for internal Medicine and Psych. But you saying Psych is very difficult to match. Now I am confused.  
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* Re:What are my chances ?
  smartpc - 04/24/19 09:48
  From a PC - Unfortunately your application will most likely be filtered out due to both USMLE scores and YOG. You will need connections, for most programs, for a review of your application.  
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* Re:What are my chances ?
  drvandorn - 04/24/19 13:34
  A common misconception amongst imgs is that psych is a less competitive residency to get. If this was 2013, that would be the case. But due to the number of DOs and Mds wanting to go into that field, and the limited number of seats I would stay clear of psych. Here in the US we have a saying Psych is the new Derm (dermatology). Fm and IM are your best chance.  
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* Re:What are my chances ?
  drvandorn - 04/24/19 13:37
  And smart pc is half correct, competitive programs will screen you out, but the non university affiliated programs will still look at your application.  
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* Re:What are my chances ?
  smartpc - 04/24/19 14:19
  @drvadorn - Don't be so sure - if you have never screened ERAS applicants, you have no idea how many there are, even after screening. It's in the thousands.  
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* Re:What are my chances ?
  drvandorn - 04/24/19 15:56
  Yes it is in the thousands Iím well aware of that, but to state that this students application will be filtered out by most programs is simply not true, now that being said looking at an application and considering an applicant for an interview are two different things. If you were to say your chances of getting an interview are not great I would agree with you. Hospitals that do not have visa sponsorship, do not filter as much as university or big name hospitals, I encourage you to look at NRMP stats, according to that this student has about a 50% chance of matching in FM if he plays his cards right. Obviously the YOG will dampen his chances. Fm has a general limit of 8-10 after grad. But he has a chance to match.  
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