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* need sincere advice
  nandu@peds - 04/21/19 17:46
  I am very old graduate passed in 2001.
Step 1 187(2003)
step 2 199(2004)
CS pass (2004), ECFMG certified.

Left USA in 2005 and did PG in pediatrics and worked as a consultanat in home country for 8yrs. Now its been three months i am here should i try residency with these scores or do i need to do step 1 again. Have green card too.
please advice me what to do.

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* Re:need sincere advice
  smartpc - 04/24/19 09:55
  From a PC - Unfortunately, with your scores and YOG, your application will never even be reviewed. The work in your home country will be helpful - but only if the application is seen. Your scores are very low, and most programs will not take a chance on the possibility of you not passing the ABIM following graduation.  
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* Re:need sincere advice
  nandu@peds - 04/24/19 22:45
Thanks so much for your advice.
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* Re:need sincere advice
  kavya@4a1 - 04/27/19 13:14
  Your YOG will be a red flag for the application, if you want to complete residency then you need to have multiple hands-on clinical experience and need to complete Step 3 exam. Also if you have connections it can make the application better.  
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* Re:need sincere advice
  santhosh - 05/09/19 12:41
  With that scores and YOG will be a red flag for the application. But completing Step 3 and having connections can provide chances for the match.  
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