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* matching probabilty
  usimgmag - 05/20/19 20:41
  Hey guys

step 1 213
CS pass 2nd attempt
2 ck due for July, hoping for 240s
6 months of hands on USCE and 3 US LOR
YOG 2019
What do you think

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* Re:matching probabilty
  kavya@4a1 - 05/23/19 15:09
  You have good scores which specialty you are applying for?

As you have attempts in your application it will be better to have more hands-on clinical experience in specialty you are applying for match so that it can strengthen the application.
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* Re:matching probabilty
  futuremd313 - 05/24/19 09:59
  Agreed that your specialty of choice will have a big impact on you chance of matching. In general Psychiatry and Family Medicine are the most forgiving for multiple attempts.

Doing 6 months of USCE is a solid start, but it needs to be coupled with networking while you are doing the rotations. With the attempt and OK Step 1 score, this will be really important. You need to talk to people associated with programs that can get you past the filters.

Good luck.
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