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* pediatric observership
  marline - 05/23/19 16:31
  guys, any input on a hospital in new York( manhattan,brooklyn, staten island ) that can offer me an opportunity for observerships or externships ????
I keep emailing program directors but I can not find any place who offers observership yet.
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* Re:pediatric observership
  nandu@peds - 05/23/19 19:23
  Its very difficult to get obeservership , try agency.  
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* Re:pediatric observership
  enushi - 05/23/19 22:28
  Hey itís difficult to get peds observership in hospitals. I went through an agency to get observership at outpatient clinic in Brooklyn but ended up getting hospital LOR. If you want to do the same you can email me and Iíll share details. I also did research at hospital as well.  
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* Re:pediatric observership
  parmesh495 - 05/30/19 12:43
  You need to send lots of emails to the programs for getting the opportunity and it is difficult to find rotations. You can apply through agency i have gained strong externship rotations and was completely inpatient hospital experience and received a strong LOR at the end of the rotation.  
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* Re:pediatric observership
  marline - 05/30/19 15:02
  I actually did but did not find even one program.but can u tell me which agency did u seek ???  
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* Re:pediatric observership
  santhosh - 06/03/19 13:18
  Getting USCE is very much useful for IMGs nowadays for the application, try to look for agencies they can provide externship rotations. I have gained an externship rotations from an agency but in different specialty.  
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* Re:pediatric observership
  parmesh495 - 06/04/19 13:44
  @marline I have done externship rotation through medclerkships in IM specialty but you can get externship rotation in Pediatrics through them.
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* Re:pediatric observership
  marline - 06/05/19 17:01
  @parmesh thank you,I really appreciate it.  
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