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* Matching probability
  verdu007 - 06/17/19 17:25
I am an IMG Graduating in 2020

USMLE step 1 226 pass first attempt
USMLE Step 2 CK 244 pass first attempt
USMLE Step 2 CS pass first attempt
3 SLOA from Emergency Medicine Physicians in Residency Programs
1 Research Publication
3 Case presentation
All my Core Rotations and electives rotation done in the US.

What are my chances to match in Emergency Medicine?
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* Re:Matching probability
  drvandorn - 06/19/19 08:59
  To get a better understanding of your matching chances it is better to wait, until the upcoming cycle stats are posted on NRMP. But based on past results, Id say you have a fairly good chance of matching.  
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* Re:Matching probability
  santhosh - 06/20/19 12:33
  You will be having good chances but there are still chances, you will be still time for the match cycle you still need to wait till you get graduate. Also, if you want to apply for match then you need to have recent LORs in your application.  
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* Re:Matching probability
  verdu007 - 06/20/19 17:15
  I am graduating in MAY 2020, my last elective ended up in February. so by the NRMP I am good for matching in 2020.
Also the 3 SLOA are recent ( less than a month old).
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* Re:Matching probability
  santhosh - 06/27/19 13:10
  Getting the LORs before graduation doing electives will always be helpful, it wont be a problem if the LOR is 1 year old as well.  
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* Re:Matching probability
  parmesh495 - 06/28/19 13:47
  You have good chances as you will be applying for match graduation that is after 2020 try to complete Step 3 as well it will improve your chances.  
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