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* UK Medic to USA
  ukmedic - 07/23/19 07:57
  Hi guys

I'm just going into 2nd year of medical school here in the UK (It's a 5 year undergraduate program here). For personal reasons, I am determined to do residency in and permanently move to the US. I have spent this summer doing 3 months of research and got 2 publications (although I'm not the first author of either). Some of my work has also been shown at international conferences, by my supervisor.

I will have another 6 months of research (hopefully more) experience by the time Medical School finishes. Hopefully this will yield to further publications and the like.

In our final year, we have an 8 week "elective" which is a rotation we can do abroad. I plan to go to the US in this period to gain experience in the specialty of my choice.

Of course I know that I need to score as highly as possible in the USMLE exams.

I am willing to do a year of research in the US after I finish medical school, and would be extremely open to doing that, even just to gain a foothold in the US.

My questions are the following :
- Will I be at any advantage for completing Medical School in the UK, compared to graduates of Asian/African medical schools?
- Other than my 8 week elective, how can I gain clinical experience in the US?
- How difficult is it to do a "year in research" in the US post-medical school? This is something channels like IMG coaching have recommended
- My personal preference would be to be in California, Seattle or New York City. How is the difficulty in obtaining a residency in each of these locations respectively?

I am currently undecided in terms of my choice of residency. We start clinical rotations here in 3rd year. I am willing to go into any specialty to get to the US, although obviously I would prefer to be doing what I choose to do.
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* Re:UK Medic to USA
  drjz82 - 09/23/19 19:50

agree with you. I have heard similar stuff. Thanks for confirmation
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* Re:UK Medic to USA
  summer82 - 03/24/20 09:56
  @ asklepaediausa

thank you for the info.Where can I find further info regarding the MRCGP being recognised in the US and only needing one year of US residency to get the license.

Thank you
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