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* UK Medic to USA
  ukmedic - 07/23/19 07:57
  Hi guys

I'm just going into 2nd year of medical school here in the UK (It's a 5 year undergraduate program here). For personal reasons, I am determined to do residency in and permanently move to the US. I have spent this summer doing 3 months of research and got 2 publications (although I'm not the first author of either). Some of my work has also been shown at international conferences, by my supervisor.

I will have another 6 months of research (hopefully more) experience by the time Medical School finishes. Hopefully this will yield to further publications and the like.

In our final year, we have an 8 week "elective" which is a rotation we can do abroad. I plan to go to the US in this period to gain experience in the specialty of my choice.

Of course I know that I need to score as highly as possible in the USMLE exams.

I am willing to do a year of research in the US after I finish medical school, and would be extremely open to doing that, even just to gain a foothold in the US.

My questions are the following :
- Will I be at any advantage for completing Medical School in the UK, compared to graduates of Asian/African medical schools?
- Other than my 8 week elective, how can I gain clinical experience in the US?
- How difficult is it to do a "year in research" in the US post-medical school? This is something channels like IMG coaching have recommended
- My personal preference would be to be in California, Seattle or New York City. How is the difficulty in obtaining a residency in each of these locations respectively?

I am currently undecided in terms of my choice of residency. We start clinical rotations here in 3rd year. I am willing to go into any specialty to get to the US, although obviously I would prefer to be doing what I choose to do.
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* Re:UK Medic to USA
  futuremd313 - 07/24/19 14:08
  Hello ukmedic,

To answer your first question, you may have a slight advantage over graduates of Asian/African medical schools assuming your first language is English. Additinally, the UK system is more similar to the US system than Asian/African system so this may help you as well. As for gaining clinical experience in the US, you can gain clinical experience by doing rotations, whether it be observerships or externships, however externships/hands-on are somemites more preferred by some programs. The AMA website has a list of companies that sell these rotations that you can use as a tool. Lastly, the most IMG friendly state of the 3 would be New York City, as Seattle doesnít have a lot of programs to choose from. California has a lot of programs but since the demand to go there is so high, it makes it hard to find openings there for IMGs.

Hope this helps.
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* Re:UK Medic to USA
  ukmedic - 07/24/19 14:20

Thanks for your help
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* Re:UK Medic to USA
  kavya@4a1 - 07/27/19 15:21
  There wont be any advantage you will be considered as IMG itself. You can also gain externship rotation which is also considered as hands-on rotations which will strengthen your CV for the application.  
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* Re:UK Medic to USA
  santhosh - 07/30/19 13:12
  If you are a graduate then you can externship rotations in US for improving the CV, and you have still time for your graduation try to gain electives they are helpful for improving the CV.  
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* Re:UK Medic to USA
  adebayo212 - 07/30/19 13:31
  Haha... you donít have any advantage over graduates from Asia/Africa. You wish lol......
Your scores will set u apart. So donít be surprised even after itís all said and done, you donít get in and other Africans Img get in. Ask around, this is not the UK. So as long as u work hard, then u stand a good chance. Stop looking for upper edge based on nationality. Everybody is on a plane field
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* Re:UK Medic to USA
  ukmedic - 08/01/19 22:09

Ok, I was just asking because there are some countries (Australia, New Zealand) where a UK degree is an advantage.

I myself am Kenyan born in England. Best of luck in securing residency, and with your career.
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* Re:UK Medic to USA
  optimisticpositive - 08/04/19 16:39
What is your email?
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* Re:UK Medic to USA
  ukmedic - 08/06/19 03:33
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