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* Applying by October to Dece because of CK exam
  study098 - 08/26/19 16:55
  Anyone else applying late ?

I am still studying for CK, but I really need to apply this year because I am struggling financially and just so embarrassed of myself that I have now isolated myself from the world. I don't want to answer others about what I have been doing with my life, why I took so long to finish med school, and why I'm still single. I have been taking care of my single diabetic mother and working this whole time. I stopped working because I never had enough time to study for my boards let alone do anything else in life. I am dependent on others for everything now and life is just miserable. I have no self-esteem left. I need to get out of this situation soon because I can't take being financially depend on others any more and being embarrassed to buy anything for myself. I have few questions if anyone can help answer them I would be grateful.

Is it possible to match with 2 connections?

My stats:
Step 1 score 203, CS 2nd attempt, all rotations in US, LORS (1FM, 1 Peds, 1 OB)
Can I use all of these for FM and Peds?
Also, 2 IM lors.
1 publication
US citizen

I graduate in 2020 from Caribbean school after 10 years (started in 2010) due to distractions, working, and financial issues.
By October - December hopefully I have CK done and then soon I will take Step 3.

I want to apply to FM, IM, and Peds. I prefer IM more than others.

Is it possible for me to match into IM?
How likely am I to match late?
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* Re:Applying by October to Dece because of CK exam
  luckylady - 08/27/19 17:38
  I am no expert, but here is my 2 cents:

1. As long as you are graduating in 2020, then you are a new grad. You have the advantage of YOG being recent.
2. All your rotations were in the US, another huge advantage.
3. You are a US citizen, another major advantage.
4. A publication is an advantage

Why not take your time and blow step 2CK out of the park? Give it your best shot and do it at the end of the year or early next year. After being done with CK, maybe work somewhere even part time to raise funds for the application and interviewing process next year since your YOG will still be recent. And do more observerships to get connections or LORs, or do step 3 next year before match. Why rush when you are a 2020 grad?

The issue of you spending more time doing the MD doesn't matter now, its in the past, cant change it, and what matters is your YOG which is 2020, which is very much in your favor. You can even talk about your perseverence during the interviews, it says a lot about your character that you kept on pursuing the MD degree despite the circumstances.

Perhaps take some time off to regroup. Change your perspective. Good luck!
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* Re:Applying by October to Dece because of CK exam
  reminemi - 08/28/19 02:39
  I think you should take a chance and apply atleast to a limited number of programs . You miss 100 percent of the shots that you never take.  
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* Re:Applying by October to Dece because of CK exam
  luckylady - 08/28/19 10:11
  Applying to a limited number of programs sounds like a bad strategy and a waste of resources. Rushing CK just so you can apply to a limited number of programs when your YOG is 2020 sounds unnecessary. Why the rush if study098 is already struggling and frazzled as is?? She/ he hasn't even graduated and is a US citizen, that's a luxury many on this board don't have. Many on this board already graduated and aren't US citizens.

No need to go to the step 2ck exam room in this state and go through applications and interviews in this state. For what? Your YOG is not even here yet. I'd regroup, give it my best for CK, graduate, raise enough funds to apply to as many programs as possible, and do the applications in 2020 which is study098's YOG.
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* Re:Applying by October to Dece because of CK exam
  study098 - 08/28/19 12:38
  Thank you for giving me your valuable advice it's helping me make a decision.

I have been studying since early this year but with a lot of distractions and interruptions sometimes a week without studying so it's taking so long. I feel I'm 60% ready, but by couple more months I will be fully ready to take CK. I have also been taking care of a family member's baby 8 hours everyday while I study because they are paying my bills. So I'm taking care of 2 people along with my studies. No one understands my struggles and frustration. I don't know if programs will understand my situation or just think I was being lazy with my studies and life. That stresses me even more.

For application funds I will be borrowing money because I won't be able to afford it on my own.
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* Re:Applying by October to Dece because of CK exam
  luckylady - 08/28/19 20:59
  @study098, I guess I don't understand why you must apply this year when your year of graduation (YOG) is 2020. Why is that? Because you took long to get your MD? I don't think thats reason enough. I understand it may be stressful to take care of 2 people, all the more reason to take more time to tackle CK. It seems obvious to me.

If I was a US citizen with YOG 2020, hahahaaaa, y'all couldn't tell me nothing! As for the issue of taking long to graduate, I'd give the interviewers one helluva story about how I conquered the challenges life threw at me. By the time i'd be done with them, they'd give me a nobel peace prize.

Again, you gotta change your perspective. Step away from the situation for a bit, and look at the entire picture and re-strategize. Whew, chile, a 2020 YOG and US citizen rushing to do CK when you're half baked????!! Y'all gotta be kidding me!
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* Re:Applying by October to Dece because of CK exam
  study098 - 08/29/19 17:28
  Luckylady, I appreciate your thoughtful reply and your time. :) I agree I won't rush into it.  
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* Re:Applying by October to Dece because of CK exam
  marshal - 09/01/19 19:47
  First thing is embrace GOD, and cast your burden on him and he will give you rest. Remember to seek the Kingdom of God first, and everything else will be added unto you. Amen!  
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* Re:Applying by October to Dece because of CK exam
  santhosh - 09/06/19 14:20
  Applying for match on October will be having much helpful for the application, because programs look for the application which submit the application first. At the time of your submission the chances for getting IVs will be less. Also try to get multiple hands-on rotations in the specialty you will be applying for match so that you will be having strong LORs and will make CV better.  
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