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* chance in matching
  bbb2 - 09/01/19 10:34
  Do I have chances for match this year?

Step 1 I fail first time I took it second time I got 206
CS first time pass. CK I have gotten 245. I have us clinical hands on experience and LOR in all speciality.
For visa I am a green card applicant as my spouse is American PR. I would like to try for FM/IM and Psych and I know psych is getting more competitive. Any thoughts?
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* Re:chance in matching
  bbb2 - 09/03/19 20:30
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* Re:chance in matching
  drvandorn - 09/05/19 07:02
  How long has it been since you graduated, the fail and low step 1 score will
Hurt you. I think your best chance is FM and IM.
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* Re:chance in matching
  kavya@4a1 - 09/05/19 10:35
  As you have an attempt in Step 1 and got less score it will be better to complete Step 3 exam for improving the chances for matching.
Also, it is helpful to have LORs in the specialty you will be applying for match 3 or 4 based on the program requirement.
You can use the other specialty LORs but they will be helpful when compared to the LORs gained in the same specialty you are applying for match.
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* Re:chance in matching
  bbb2 - 09/05/19 12:54
  I just graduated in June  
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* Re:chance in matching
  santhosh - 09/11/19 14:39
  You will be having chances for matching as you are a recent grad, but having less score will impact the application try to complete Step 3 exam as well for making the application better.  
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