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* dare to stand out in your eras personal statement?
  asklepaediausa - 09/01/19 21:07
  The key to an effective Personal Statement on ERAS is not its length, but rather a few buzzwords, perhaps ending with a punch line, that could highlight the values, paradigms and patient care approach unique to a speciality. Are you using the appropriate buzzwords if your are applying to FAMILY MEDICINE or primary care INTERNAL MEDICINE?

I was a family medicine residency director who had started an ACGME-accreditated residency from scratch in the US and directed it for more than 11 years. I had personally interviewed hundreds of candidates and had trained many residents some of whom went on to become residency directors and department chairs.

I am offering a seminar on how to write your personal statements and interview successfully for family medicine and primary care internal medicine residencies.

The seminar will be offered most Sunday afternoons, between 12.00 noon and 5.30 pm, throughout the interview season, in the conference room at my clinic in Chicago. You can also order the Editing Service on the website (see below).

For more details, please refer to or

Augustine Wong MD
The Asklepaedia (USA) LLC
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* Re:dare to stand out in your eras personal stateme
  jamespshelley - 09/03/19 17:39
  $400 to edit a personal statement? Define "edit".

I haven't changed my prices in more than a decade. Isn't it financially challenging enough for a residency candidate?
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