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* Best plan for old graduate?
  indiansoul - 09/25/19 10:50
  Hi, I am an old graduate (in 2015) whos gonna apply for 2022/2023 match.
I have been working as a general doctor for 4 yrs w/o residency training in my home country, and just started studying for usmle.
Id like to apply for pathology residency in the US.

Which one is the best plan to get a even better chance for me ;
(Assume with average usmle scores like 230-240)

1. General doctor for 7yrs in home country + 1 yr research in the US (YOG 8)
2. General doctor for 7yrs in home country + 1 yr PhD in the US (YOG 8)
3. Home country residency in pathology -> apply for pathology program in the US (YOG 10)
4. Home country residency in FM or preventive medicine -> apply for pathology program in the US (YOG 9)

Which one is the best plan for me now?
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* Re:Best plan for old graduate?
  parmesh495 - 09/26/19 14:30
  If you take too much time you will be considered as old grad and most of the programs have 5 years of cut-off and programs may filter out your application if you have more YOG.

If you want to take much time then complete home country residency in the specialty you want to apply for match and gain hands-on clinical experience for making the CV strong and show that you are clinically active. Also you can get strong LORs by gaining clinical experience in US.
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* Re:Best plan for old graduate?
  yanagi - 10/02/19 23:23
  I match to pathology this year, I am 20+ YOG and match at my 1st attempt. My advices:
1. Do not waste your time for anything else - do Steps ASAP, every year situation with visa requiring applicants + your YOG are getting worse. Trust me - with full time job as a doctor (or PhD student, or researcher in the US) getting 230-240 is a very difficult task. Most people who work full time or have families get much lower scores that you targeted. Just stay were you are and do steps 1 and 2CK during this year (9 months + 6 months = 15 months) and then you can think about observerships / USCE.

2. Save money and do observership in US pathology programs for at least 3 months (there are 3-4 programs who took observers this year) - with your lack of pathology experience 4 LORs from US pathologists your "must have". Paid observerships are also an option, but also not easy to find. Do observs while you are preparing for CS. So after 18-19 months from now you will be ready to apply for 2022 match. A good idea is to do Step 3 during the rest 3-4 months (many pathology programs prefer candidates with Step 3 done)

3. If you still want to do something at you home country (and waste your time, actually) do only things related to pathology. Right now you do not have any pathology experience, that make any PD think that pathology is a backup for you.
PhD program / research in US is okay option only if you are good in making connections and in the institutions that has a pathology residency taking IMGs, so you can observe in this pathology program. Do you think you will easily find PhD program without pathology / research experience? Are you sure that 1 year PhD programs exist? (Mine was 4 years). PhD program may be intense and you will not get good scores or have time to observe.
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* Re:Best plan for old graduate?
  luckylady - 10/03/19 18:00
  Hello yanagi,

If you don't mind, what were your USMLE scores? What do you think helped you most to match with 20+ YOG? Did you match at same place you did your PhD program? Did you do observership during your PhD?

Thanks in advance.
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* Re:Best plan for old graduate?
  aa2018 - 10/04/19 18:44
  Hello Yanagi,
If you don't mind, can you please tell the programs that offer observership in the pathology.
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  madatboards - 10/05/19 15:56

IMG Passed USMLE and got IM residency

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* Re:Best plan for old graduate?
  yanagi - 10/06/19 00:10
My score were: 250+ and 260+
Connections and correct planning (including IV and Steps preparation). Most of old grads (I mean really "old" 10-15+ YOG) I know, matched to the programs they had connections to.
No, I had 5+ years gap between PhD and my USMLE Steps.

Check here:
Also Lenox Hill program. It is good idea to plan in advance. It may take up to 10 month to book a place
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* Re:Best plan for old graduate?
  luckylady - 10/08/19 17:00
  Thanks for your response, yanagi.  
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* Re:Best plan for old graduate?
  santhosh - 10/18/19 14:31
  For old grad it will be better to have strong USMLE scores including step 3 exam and having connections will be helpful. Along with scores getting hands-on rotations will be helpful for the application.  
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* Re:Best plan for old graduate?
  seanbancroft - 06/16/20 10:58
  Wow. Thanks. I didn't know that either.  
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* Re:Best plan for old graduate?
  maanas - 06/17/20 17:29
that link not working
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