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* urgent please help
  blessyou1 - 09/26/19 04:22
  i can't find letter Request Form to send to my letter writer

please where can i get it
i checked aamc but couldn't find the link

please help me
thank you

good luck with match
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* Re:urgent please help
  icykelp - 09/27/19 09:02
  MyERAS ->Documents ->Letters of Recommendation ->Click "Add New" and follow the instructions listed there, you will be able to generate an Email Letter Request

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* Re:urgent please help
  kavya@4a1 - 09/27/19 14:12
  1. Go to myeras, under documents, choose letter of recommendation. Then enter the LOR author (choose unwaived) and finalize it .

2. Once you have finalized the author, go to Oasis>eras support services>upload>LOR then enter the name of the LOR author and upload the LOR
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* Re:urgent please help
  blessyou1 - 09/28/19 03:56
  Thank you so much icekelp and Kavya@4a1

The LOR author has the letter in a different state

can she upload it or she has to send it to me and if she sent it to me then i have to check "no" where it asked waive the right to view the letter, is it correct

Thank you so much
good luck with interview process and match
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* Re:urgent please help
  icykelp - 09/28/19 09:07
  its better if the letter writer uploads it herself.

if the letter writer cannot upload it for any reason, then you can select the 'Unwaived' option and upload it yourself. Follow the instructions listed by Kavya@41 to upload the letter by yourself.

Good luck and all the best.
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