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* What are the chances?
  par469 - 09/29/19 21:56
  Hi All
I am a very old grad.
I dropped/terminated out of IM Residency in 2005
i am applying for ERAS now, after several years of clinical experience and clinical-PhD in USA
But, I do not want to mention about my past Residency termination it in my ERAS application now
Would anyone know of my past?
What should I do?
Please advice
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* Re:What are the chances?
  santhosh - 10/01/19 13:59
  As you are an old grad it will be tough for getting matched into the programs. But if you have high scores in all the steps including Step 3 exam in first attempt you will be having better chances.

Also, along with scores you need to have multiple hands-on clinical experience in the specialty you want to match for making the CV strong and to show programs that you are clinically active.
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* Re:What are the chances?
  kavya@4a1 - 10/02/19 14:29
  You will be having chances for match but you need to get high scores in all the steps and need to gain more USCE experience and gain research experiences for making the CV strong.
Also, have contacts it will be helpful in getting IVs and apply broadly for match more than 150 programs.
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* Re:What are the chances?
  interviewwithdavid - 10/02/19 16:26
  I think the chances are low they'll find out about your prior residency. They'll want to know what you've been doing from 2005 till now though. You'll need to have that ready, hopefully good USCE, research publications etc.

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* Re:What are the chances?
  ed4medus - 10/02/19 21:35
  What does 'terminated' mean? If this means that the program had to ask you to leave for whatever reason, you would need to report it. The state medical boards also ask for clarification if this happened. I hope your personal statement has all the necessary explanations as I am pretty sure the program director would want to know. Does the program where you did clinical PHD have a residency? That might be the easiest way to get in. All the best!  
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