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* NRMP Registration
  steps2 - 10/02/19 15:58
  Please can someone brief me the advantage of registering with NRMP.  
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* Re:NRMP Registration
  parmesh495 - 10/04/19 14:24
  It is important to making Rank order list, you cannot create ROL without registering to NRMP.  
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* Re:NRMP Registration
  steps2 - 10/04/19 16:12
  Thanks for your reply parmesh495
Please what does the ROL mean? and how will it affect our chances of getting a place for Residency?
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* Re:NRMP Registration
  parmesh495 - 10/18/19 14:36
  ROL means Rank order list which you will be giving ranks to different programs in which you have interviewed and programs will be providing the rank to you as well. After that if you and programs provide top rank then you will be matched.  
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* Re:NRMP Registration
  santhosh - 10/24/19 12:37
  If you dont have NRMP ID you can make Rank order list which is very much important for match and if you want to apply for SOAP then you need to have applied for NRMP as well.  
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