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* Prematch vs match
  toria1092 - 10/25/19 06:09
  Hi, I am an IMG applying to Psychiatry. Good CV! With 7 interviews so far. However 2 of them are not participating in the NRMP (5IV for the match).
My IVs are: -Jackson Memorial Hospital
-Case Western (metrohealth)
-St Louis Univ
-Icahn school at Mount Sinai (Elmhurst) - (not in the NRMP)
-Lincoln Med. Center
-St. Barnabas (not in the NRMP)
-Detroit med center/wayne

In the case that Elmhurst offers me a prematch. Should I accept it? Is it a good program? Its board pass rate is 87%. But I am very anxious about this. I really would like Jackson, but idk. Thank you in advance!
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* Re:Prematch vs match
  rometo2019 - 10/25/19 09:13
  did you already interview at Elmurst?  
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* Re:Prematch vs match
  toria1092 - 10/25/19 09:28
  no no yet. I just wanted to know about if the hospital is good and what would be nice in any scenario  
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* Re:Prematch vs match
  mpq357 - 10/25/19 11:26
  I know someone who completed her residency from there and is now a GI fellow. She, like yourself, had 8 interviews but did not want to risk it. She was done the match process by the end of November and celebrating till July the following year.

This is a decent program and if I were you I would take it ASAP.

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* Re:Prematch vs match
  toria1092 - 11/19/19 12:35
  thank you very much for the response. So I went to the interview in Elmhurst and felt very good, I liked the atmosphere and the residents seemed happy. They offered me the prematch yesterday and I accepted it!!

It is a very hard decision but I hope I made the right choice :)
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* Re:Prematch vs match
  mpq357 - 11/19/19 13:52
  Congrats! I am really happy for you and good luck for your residency. Make sure you rest and travel and have fun during the 6 months that you have now!

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* Re:Prematch vs match
  nandu@peds - 11/26/19 13:00
Hi congratulations , Good luck
I have an interview in Jan for peds residency, would you like share some details please. I have to practice interview questions too. Please if you have some time please call me 667-240-7945 or email me
Thanks so much.
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* Re:Prematch vs match
  nandu@peds - 11/28/19 22:03
Please share your interview experience.Your inputs will help me to prepare for an interview. Thanks in advance.
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