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* IMG friendly residencies
  doctorvillamarin - 10/28/19 18:07
  Hi, guys, any help with friendly IMG programs websites or even proctors to help me?
I saw this web
what's your opinion and about FREIDA?
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* Re:IMG friendly residencies
  futuremd313 - 11/19/19 22:03
  Hello doctorvillamarin,
There are a couple of websites that I know of that offer lists of IMG Friendly programs. For free, - FREIDA through AMA shows the % if IMGs for some programs so you may be able to use that for reference. In addition, on AMA's clerkship programs list, has an IMG Friendly programs tab as well. Also, there are other services that you can pay for their data such as and

Hope this is helpful!

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* Re:IMG friendly residencies
  review - 11/26/19 18:09
  Talk to us if you need some publications before upcoming applications. We also help with abstracts for conferences where you can meet/network residency program directors and clinicians
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* Re:IMG friendly residencies
  kavya@4a1 - 12/04/19 13:59
  You can get information about IMG friendly from the Freida website, you can get information from it.  
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