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* IMG, Internal Medicine -> No interviews so far
  wh2song - 10/29/19 00:24
  Numbers of Program I applied this year -> 186
Step 1 224
Step 2 CK 220
STEP 2 CS failed once
Step 3 not yet

YOG 5 years

No observership, no clerkship

I have many hours of working experiences in my country(South Korea)

What should I do?
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* Re:IMG, Internal Medicine -> No interviews so far
  santhosh - 11/01/19 12:58
  As for IMGs it is important to have hands-on clinical experience in the application. It is difficult to match without have USCE experience.
Try to complete Step 3 exam you may be making more chances for matching.

You may be still getting chances, you may be getting IVs.
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* Re:IMG, Internal Medicine -> No interviews so far
  mpq357 - 11/01/19 13:30
  I am going to be honest here.

Your step scores are okay - nothing to worry about. The failure on CS is a bit concerning but I personally know people who have matched with CS failures.

I hope you get interviews this cycle. I know it feels extremely frustrating when you have none. But at the same time, realistically, at the most you will get 1 or 2 (if at all).

The next step is to get Step 3 out of the way. Aim for a 220+. If I were you I would take it ASAP because you have just finished your Step 2 CK (which helps tremendously). Then, rotations, rotations and rotations! Start emailing now for rotations. Send at least 20 emails everyday, which is easy once you have a good template down. If there are hospitals close by, go in person. Make contacts. If you can rotate for a long time at one place, that is better in some cases because they will know you already! Again, I know people who did not have the 'best' applications and got in this way.

Lastly, applying to 'more' programs help but the reality is that every program receives 50+ applications for every spot. Research the programs. A good source is FRIEDA. Do your own research. Make a spread sheet. Apply selectively. Program coordinators are nice people and they let you know the criteria if you can't determine.

If you can't get in even with Step 3 and rotations, consider graduate school in the US. Graduate school helps build contacts, guarantees the best LoRs and you can do as many rotations as possible. In short, graduate school = research, clinical experience, exposure to the US system and culture, the 'best' LoRs!

Hopefully, that helps. And continue working hard. I try to be honest in my answers so I apologize if I have caused any unintended offence. I have in the past even advised people not to pursue residency in the States because their applications were not the best and they were suffering and their families were suffering. You have a chance but it will take time.

Good luck!

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* Re:IMG, Internal Medicine -> No interviews so far
  sandra1981 - 11/02/19 11:47
  To be honest, your scores may be fine with FM, for IM its going to be painful with an attempt on CS, I am in similar situation though my scores are 240s. The most important thing though is contact-find Korean docs, take IELTS and get 8 or higher band , get rotations and keep your home country as a back up.  
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* Re:IMG, Internal Medicine -> No interviews so far
  kavya@4a1 - 11/02/19 14:36
  You are having good scores in your application but having an attempt in the steps will affect the application. Along with that having no clinical experience will affect the application.
Try to gain multiple hands-on rotations for improving the CV and so that you can have strong LORs in the application.
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* Re:IMG, Internal Medicine -> No interviews so far
  futuremd313 - 11/08/19 11:08
  Hey wh2song,
While a failed step can be a road block, your biggest obstacle is going to be the lack of US clinical experience. Try checking out some of the rotation programs offered on the AMA website so you can get ahead and get some experience ASAP. In addition to that, try and network and make as many connections as you possibly can to try. Here's the link for the AMA rotations programs list:

Hope this is helpful and best of luck!
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* Re:IMG, Internal Medicine -> No interviews so far
  kavya@4a1 - 11/20/19 11:24
  There will be having chances for matching, dont give up programs will be sending Invitations for IV till January.

Also, having connections and and if you have not completed Step 3 exam completing the exam will be improving the application.
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* Re:IMG, Internal Medicine -> No interviews so far
  review - 11/26/19 18:04
  Talk to us if you need some publications before upcoming applications. We also help with abstracts for conferences where you can meet/network residency program directors and clinicians
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