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* Pediatrics match
  priya1067 - 11/07/19 20:52
  I came to know that if we are already pediatrician back home , we can directly apply for pediatrics subspecialties fellowship first and get into the system and subsequently apply for pediatrics residency . Even we will do residency after fellowship , both will be counted. My friend knows someone who did this by getting into John H Stroger hospital Neonatology fellowship and subsequently into residency in newyork and now practicing as neonatologist. Anyone has any insight about this.  
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* Re:Pediatrics match
  nandu@peds - 11/13/19 13:41
Yes I know about this process, Go ahead and give an interview with confidence. I live in Chicago, I wanted to talk you how we have to apply for the fellowship. my number is 667-240-7945
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* Re:Pediatrics match
  aimsnd - 04/30/20 04:03
  Hi I Completed my post graduation in pediatrics in india,i want to do fellowship in usa,Can you provide the person email who got the fellowship?  
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* Re:Pediatrics match
  braveheart_2020 - 04/30/20 05:23
  Not only if you have done residency back home. Also if you are just a medical graduate, you may apply to some of the fellowships, as long as they are "Non-ACGME accredited fellowships". If it is ACGME fellowships, you need a prior US residency training.  
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* Re:Pediatrics match
  braveheart_2020 - 04/30/20 07:21
  I am aware about the neurology fellowships.....Go to the AAN website, look up for all fellowships of your interest, and find out the details about the fellowship program if its ACGME accredited or not. Write down an email to every program director describing your interest and then wait for their replies.
Even though many of the programs may reject you, few of them will be welling to interview you.

If this is possible for neurology fellowships, then indeed its possible for pediatrics too.......
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