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* A big issue with NRMP, Please help
  mj1178 - 11/25/19 13:35
  I am an IMG applying for residency programs for a few times. On 10/03/19, I received an email from NRMP saying that I violated the SOAP rule in 2019. NRMP claimed that I emailed to a program to ask for a position during SOAP, the name of the program was not disclosed. I have been trying to recall what happened 7 months ago, I found a mistake I made in my emails (I emailed to a non-SOAP program, and CC to a SOAP program, donít know how that happened). from March during the SOAP but no intentional violation. I also remembered a huge technical issue we have encountered during the SOAP. I tried to negotiate with NRMP about not to put a flag in my main match, I don't mind not participating SOAP forever. However, NRMP director states she was not responsible for the technical issue during SOAP, and decision was made as: I am identified as match violator during ranking, I will be barred from SOAP for 1 year . If I want an arbitration, I have to pay the entire filing fee required by the AAA standard filing fee schedule, including the initial filing fee and the case service fee. I feel so much stress and distress in past 2 months, NRMP gave me short notice, and didnít tell which program Reported me. I felt I was treated so unfairly. I Donít know if anyone has the same experience, please I need help. Thank you  
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* Re:A big issue with NRMP, Please help
  oldgrad2020 - 11/25/19 13:51
  Call and email NRMP again. Pray that something changes. I feel terrible for you.

Not only do we not get interviews after passing USMLE ... just a BIG psychological game.

Stay focused and NOT discouraged.
Sorry, I cannot help!
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* Re:A big issue with NRMP, Please help
  mj1178 - 11/25/19 14:44
  @oldgrad2020, thank you! I have 2 interviews only, I donít know how to explain to the PD about this. I am praying. And wondering if I need An attorney for this . If anyone has any information, please let me know. Thanks  
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* Re:A big issue with NRMP, Please help
  santhosh - 12/05/19 14:04
  It will be better to contact the NRMP about this issue for resolving.
Sorry to hear that, stay focused.
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