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* I prematched but I'm screwed
  timeforaction - 12/03/19 12:04
  Prematched in a New York Internal Medicine program but I'm gravely unprepared for residency.

1.) Its been 3.5 years since I completed medical school

2.) When I was in a Caribbean medical school, my school sent me to do US rotations in private clinics. Even my internal medicine rotation was completed in a clinic! I only worked in one hospital rotation.

-I never admitted patients to the floor
-I hardly presented complicated patients to a team

I think the obvious advice is go get clinical experience before residency. But I'm currently researching at the hospital that I got residency in and am not allowed to take away rotations.

Question: Is there a resource that can I can review to prepare me for practical side of intern year? Thank you.
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* Re:I prematched but I'm screwed
  oldgrad2020 - 12/03/19 14:54
  What a privileged position in you are in! I cannot even relate. I sound bitter but I'm not. I'm thinking of how screwed up the system is which is not your fault in the least.

Some of us cannot even submit an LOR from a private clinic after three months of work there (because it is a private clinic and it does not = USCE), so at the end of it, back to banging on doors for years.
And our actual clinical practice/ internship was in a hospital, with a mass number of patients, doing everything imaginable because nurses in our countries don't deliver the level of care nurses in the US do but that does not = USCE.

I have seen people sleep in their cars studying for the USMLE and volunteering their bodies for drug testing to make a few hundred $. They go to a local gym to shower once or twice a week.
Luckily, I haven't had it that bad.

I have seen people with the lowest USMLE scores get into IM residency and those with descent scores not get in. One of them had a spouse who was an attending. Guess which one?! Again, I would do the same for the person I care about, so not hating on them. The system is messed up.

Again, I hope that you are getting perspective.

You will make it through. All the best.
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* Re:I prematched but I'm screwed
  timeforaction - 12/03/19 21:01

No I can relate to the struggle. I have a lot of stories where I was very close in getting residency but do to some dumb reason things didnt work out. I almost gave up over a year ago and was about to start a completely different career path but decided to give it one more shot.

"Again, I hope that you are getting perspective"

I am in a very fortunate position. But I'm hoping not to crash and burn the first few weeks of residency. I need to formulate a plan on how to prepare myself for this venture while making up for the lack of hospital experience.
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* Re:I prematched but I'm screwed
  timeforaction - 12/05/19 22:08

thank you?
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