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* Help with research question
  marline - 12/19/19 18:47
  Guys, My friend volunteered in a research center, in a genetic lab and after doing all the hard dirty work from calling doctors offices and sending faxes many times to get the case full picture for a case study, the doctor did not hire her and told her to leave after few months of volunteering, she does not mind being hired, but, he put her name on the case study as a second author and she does not know if he will publish the paper with her name or no ?
Is there any way she can know that he published it with her name or no? If anyone faced the same problem please let me know.
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* Re:Help with research question
  oldgrad2020 - 12/19/19 19:04
  Having the PI publish your name is in itself a BIGGY... very few give credit for the work. Some have a policy where in they will add your name to the paper is you contributed intellectual material (idea for project, how to proceed with project, deciphering results, wrote the paper, wrote part of the paper).

Some will add your name if you followed directions and did the experiments they asked you to do, took care of animals, stained some slides (those are the ones who want to see something good happen for you)...rare entity.

If your name was added, you will receive an email from the journal, asking you to approve. If not, it likely did not happen, as far as I know.

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* Re:Help with research question
  marline - 12/19/19 22:25
  @oldgrade2020 thanks a lot for your reply.  
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