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* help
  kristen16 - 09/11/19 22:08
  where to start for step 3?
any advices will be of help
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* Re:help
  kristen16 - 09/20/19 08:33
  anybody want to give me an idea on where to start for step 3?
please can really use some insights
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* Re:help
  ohiodoc88 - 09/21/19 01:19
  I just recently took Step 3. I will share what helped me the most. Start by reviewing your CK material, and do UW step 3 and ck qbank simultaneously. Step 3 is 65% Step 2CK, 5% Step 1, 30% Step 3 stuff.

Biostats: UW biostats, CK and Step 3 Uwolrd qbank. These are the only things you need, and the questions are very similar to Uworld ck and step 3. I highly recommend to do these questions as a separate block. I would take the time to learn the explanations etc, and at least spend good 1-1.5 weeks for biostats alone. And keep reviewing it frequently.

Pay attention to pathophys for HY diseases and know about the drugs just the major ones. I highly recommend to supplement your studying with Amboss. Esp when you use the HY highlight feature its $$. Definitely know your uworld tables cold.

For Day 2, i really felt the questions were very similar to ACM portion of the Uwolrd.

For CCS, I used Archer videos first, and then did the UW CCS interactive cases 1.5 times. I went over the 41 practice cases as well and it was really helpful. Not only it will help you with CCS but also management and next step questions.

Hope this helps
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* Re:help
  ohiodoc88 - 09/21/19 01:21
  I used OnlineMedEd, MTB 3 (i really like the basic science correlates and very helpful) buy the latest edition, Amboss for HY stuff and prognosis, and UW  
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