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* Interested in U.S Clinical Experience in Houston?
  jenny6 - 09/13/19 12:08
  Hi all,

If you are interested in obtaining US clinical experience in Houston, please send an email to and say Dr. Okolo referred you. This post is only for interested and serious medical students and graduates. Houston Medical Clerkship is interested in helping medical students both in the U.S and international medical graduates in obtaining medical clerkships with Houston's finest physicians, as these clerkships are very critical for residency applications.

We offer a good amount of rotations/specialties and you have the opportunity of also obtaining letters of recommendations from great attendings based off your performance. This is also a required criteria in getting into residency.

If interested please visit this website: to check for the specialty you are interested in getting experience in. After this, please send a message to with the rotations you are interested in and when you would like to start. Don't forget to tell them Dr. Okolo referred you.

Looking forward to hearing back from you all.
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* Re:Interested in U.S Clinical Experience in Housto
  madatboards - 09/14/19 16:37

What? Program
Where? Online…
When? Your schedule…
How? More information (200k views) at KEY WORDS’-search:

IMG Passed USMLE and got IM Residency
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