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* Application for step 3 usmle
  selusmle3 - 11/19/19 14:05
I am applying to sit for the step 3 exam. I am currently based out of the USA.
I have my college credential and certificate of identity certified on ECFMG and got certified.
Do I need to go through the verification process again with FSMB. I thought FSMB got all documents and other detail from ECFMG. Can someone share their experience with FCVS? Thanks
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* Re:Application for step 3 usmle
  selusmle3 - 11/22/19 03:03
  Any response?

I would like to know from those of you who registered for step 3 - what process you have gone through as part of the registration regarding credential verification? As I read the instruction on the registration page about medical school verification apart from a certificate of identification.

Was the medical school verification I had with ECFMG is not enough or I have to do it again with FSMB?

Thanks in advance.
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* Re:Application for step 3 usmle
  shazam - 12/02/19 21:24
  U have to apply at the fsmb page .
U will need to print a form and take it to the notary and send it to them by mail.
The USMLE step3 test it has to be taken in USA .....
Good luck to u !
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* Re:Application for step 3 usmle
  selusmle3 - 12/11/19 14:01
Thank you shazam !

I contacted the FSMB team . They have given me detailed direction which is the same as yours and I have mailed the certification of identification . The registration is in progress .

Thank you .
Best wish !
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* Re:Application for step 3 usmle
  shazam - 12/12/19 17:49

My pleasure! Study hard and all the very best to you !
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