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* Research Assistant -- San Jose, CA
  edrickevsurgery - 12/10/19 15:04

Minimally Invasive Surgical Solutions (MISS) is a high-volume Interventional Radiology practice in San Jose, California, which specializes in Neuro-Interventional and Vascular procedures. We provide minimally invasive medical and diagnostic procedures, employing state-of-the-art technology, in a safe, compassionate, and comfortable setting.

As part of our drive to continuously improve patient outcomes and be on the cutting-edge of Neuro-Interventional and Vascular care, MISS is currently engaged in multiple research projects. We invite those with medical backgrounds (MDs, RNs, LVNs, PAs, retired academics, medical/nursing/PA students, etc.) to join us in these research projects.

Requirements and Responsibilities:
 This is a non-paying position with a 30+ hours per week commitment.
 Proficiency in PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.
 Willing to do extensive literature searches and review of electronic health records.
 Preparation of abstracts, research articles, posters, and presentations.
 Prior research experience a plus, but not required.
 Enthusiasm and a zest for new challenges.
International Medical Graduates (IMGs) are highly encouraged to apply. These research projects represent a unique opportunity for IMGs, new graduates, and those currently undergoing training and/or are studying for board certification exams.

Why should you be part of MISS?

Our commitment to you:
1. Provide a clinical learning environment that will allow you to excel above your peers. Research assistants will get the chance to work inside an active and busy clinical practice, experiencing clinical encounters and procedures such as angiograms and vein procedures. It is a chance to go beyond what is taught in the textbooks and the lecture halls and discover what it will really be like in residency and clinical practice.

2. The opportunity to be published and involved in randomized trails, registries, and series/case reports as first author in leading journals. Researchers who have worked at MISS have done poster presentations and presented at national society meetings.

3. Obtain valuable and quality Letters of Recommendation from members of the clinical staff for Residency and Fellowship training programs. Research assistants will work alongside experienced medical professionals who can impart the wisdom of their decades of experience. It is a chance to network in a circle of clinicians in Interventional Radiology, Neuro-Interventional Surgery, Vascular Surgery, and other related fields. MISS has helped launch the careers of several medical doctors who have gone on to residency training in Radiology and other specialities.

If you are interested in joining us in this exciting project, please email your CV and a brief cover letter telling us about yourself to
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* Re:Research Assistant -- San Jose, CA
  edrickevsurgery - 12/12/19 16:00
  For more information, be sure to check out our website at  
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* Re:Research Assistant -- San Jose, CA
  edrickevsurgery - 01/22/20 12:30
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