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* Hi! How similar are the real exams to U-World?
  henrynz - 02/03/20 16:41
  Hi there

I will be sitting both the Step 1 and Step 2CK in the next couple of weeks.

I have been preparing for the exams mostly using U-World.

I am sitting the USMLE to get a partial license for a sub-specialist fellowship program for which I have already been accepted (pending the licensure). Therefore my goal is to just pass the exams.

I am wondering how similar are the real exams when compared to the U-World, in terms of the formats and the difficulties?

In UWorld the reference ranges are provided. Is it the case in the real exams?

In UWorld there are provisions for a calculator and ways one can cross off answers - are these also available in the real exams?

What UWorld scores roughly translate to a pass in the real exams?


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* Re:Hi! How similar are the real exams to U-World?
  season2 - 02/06/20 13:04
  Hi there.

As far as the format, Uworld and actual exam interface and layout are nearly identical. Reference ranges, calculator, ability to cross out wrong answers, even the colors - it is all the same.

In my personal experience, the actual exam has been the most similar to Uworld questions. For step 1, I also did about 30% of Kaplan Qbank but found it pretty useless and full of minuta. I did about the same amount of Rx Qbank but hated it too and just stuck with Uworld. I would say about 85% of questions are very similar to the type of questions you would find on Uworld. And the rest is just fair game. No amount of studying and resources will prepare you for some of the weirdo, out of the left field type of questions. Just make your best guess and move on. That's what everyone does.

For Step 1, I did Uworld 2X and went over mistakes and did them again. First pass was 81%. All the NBMEs have under-predicted my score. I think doing those NBMEs was a waste of money and time for me personally. NBME 18 was somewhat accurate though and was fairly balanced as far as questions. I should have saved UWSA2 last because it is actually a pretty decent predictor for many people. I did it pretty early so it was fairly useless as far as prediction.

For Step 2, I only did Uworld 1 time which was a mistake because that was the only resource I was using for CK and if I did it for the second time, I would probably not experience a fairly significant score drop on CK. I completed it with a cumulative 76%. As far as NBMEs, I only did NBME 6 which reminded me how much I generally hate NBMEs lol. I didn't do any more NBMEs and just stuck with UWorld.
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* Re:Hi! How similar are the real exams to U-World?
  shazam - 02/12/20 20:48

For step 1 I strongly recommend to do this : read FA at least4 times, doas much questions as u can , do uw and also kaplan and RX

Step 2 and step 3 do master the boards ck and master the boards step 3 along with uw and ccs cases for step 3

I am already done with all the usmle tests and It takes a very discipline schedule and willing to do as much as u can, get a study partner that has ur same goals and keep going and u will do great !

May God bless u through all this long journey 🙏🏻

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* Re:Hi! How similar are the real exams to U-World?
  joyce_reed - 06/24/20 06:35
  Hi there
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