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* Early morning accountability
  qidusmle - 07/19/20 06:40
  Looking for an early morning 4AM EST accountability partner for at least 5 weeks. We don't have to study together but I'd like to at least do a call to check that we have started and are completing our plan. I know its early. I'll be doing anki and and questions. Anyone interested kindly leave your email and I will reach out.  
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* Re:Early morning accountability
  enitekaris - 07/21/20 20:00
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* Re:Early morning accountability
  projectusmle1 - 07/26/20 19:23
  hi iam interested..actually started from yesterday  
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* Re:Early morning accountability
  ephraim787 - 07/28/20 00:30
  I got a failing score on USMLE step 1 exam and I have been surprised to see such a low score, I memorized all of usmle success academy notes and it did not help me on the real exam. I read first aid and did the usmle success academy course in Chicago, it was a total waste of time and money, they did not even teach me how to answer questions properly and the content was wrong, I had to correct the instructor a few times on things that were wrong, I wasted my time and money and now they wont even offer a refund, they wont answer my calls, I tried to call them anonymous and they answered since they thought I was trying to sign up. USMLE SUCCESS ACADEMY IS A SCAM AND FRAUD FOR USMLE STEP 1 please beware of this scam program that guarantees pass. ANY COMPANY THAT GUARANTEES PASS IS A TOTAL SCAM
I do not know how I am going to get into residency with a fail on step 1 especially now that it is PASS/FAIL
I do not recommend USMLE SUCCESS ACADEMY AT ALL, please watch out for this scam ripoff class.
thiis is their scam location beware of this class it is not good.
-Address: 1821 Walden Office Square, Ste 555, Schaumburg, IL 60173
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* Re:Early morning accountability
  chara - 07/29/20 08:46
  I'm in Japan and it will work well. my Skype ID:tsutsuitoko  
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