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* IMG looking for Guidance
  chelo87 - 09/17/20 11:40
  Hi everyone, I graduated on 2012 and just finished Orthopedic surgery in Argentina. And now I am starting to study for the Step 1. I have a question regarding this issue I am using the kaplan videos and books, at the end of the day I feel really confident of what I have learned, but as I move forward I feel like I don't really get all of what I have studied before. My hopes are that I will consolidate all the knowledge in the first aid Book. Am I correct? Does it happen to anyone else? do you have any suggestion? Do I need to use another reference books?. Thanks in advance for any guidance regarding this, It will be really helpful.  
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* Re:IMG looking for Guidance
  rudy2020 - 09/27/20 20:38
  Hi. Iím also experienced the same as you. You can also use sketchy micro, Uworld, Pathoma.  
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* Re:IMG looking for Guidance
  accurate777 - 10/05/20 05:14
  You need to learn few study techniques which are must to handle USMLE study materials
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* Search google (200k views)
  allaboutrezsuccess - 10/06/20 15:26
  IMG passed USMLE and got IM residency  
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