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* my step 1 and step 2 CK experience
  experience2020 - 10/19/20 09:11
  I wanted to write this for a long time. It has been 5 years.
I gave my Step 1 in 2015 and step 2 ck in 2017, it may seem obsolete to hear my advice now, but still I think it will atleast help a few people out there who still has some hope left and look out for some encouraging positive words.
Just believe in yourself, even if you have failed once, or if you are an old graduate, or donít have good family support. Anyone can do it.
I was not able to give my step2 cs, but I just wanted to write this as a gratitude to the various forum and people who posted their experiences, which actually gave me hope and motivation to give step 1 and ck in first place
My step 1 score is 267 and step 2 ck is 248
First aid and uworld is the key
I take this opportunity to thank my study partners with whom I read on and off over the period of my step 1 and step 2 CK preparations
I appeared for usmle almost 7 years after my graduation. So I did Kaplan subject wise once, and with videos especially for behavioural science, anatomy, biochemistry. I also read first aid.
For pathology I did pathoma with videos and goljan once
For physiology I also read BRS
For behavioural science and ethics , I following condrad fisher, high yield and khan
For neuroanatomy I did high yield
I did like quarter of Kaplan qbank.
Like 4 months before my exams, I did system wise, like for example when I took endocrinology, I read all the subjects related to it from first aid, Kaplan and goljan, and did the uworld questions. I tried to write down the uworld notes in the first aid.
Before a week of the exams I took all the nbme available online. ( I already revised old nbme with my study partner long before I started uworld)
One month before exams I was reading first aid like1-2 hours everyday.
I took almost a year to prepare for step1 but I was not very consistent.
Coming to my step 2, I just read master the boards and uworld once.
I literally have to thank my two female study partners with whom I read uworld separately. I even lost touch with them now. Thank you both.
My preparation time was 5 months collectively with huge gaps in between.

Amidst a lot of personal problems I read my step 1 and step 2 CK, so my humble request is that donít lose hope, just take the positive advice out there in the forum and focus on your strengths and try to overcome your weakness step by step. Even if it takes time, just try to persevere and stay consistent. Have faith in yourself and filter out the negativities around you. Stay focused on your goals, even if you have to discontinue in between, dont lose hope, just start again and keep trying till you give the exams.
All the best.

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* Re:my step 1 and step 2 CK experience
  smile616 - 10/19/20 13:12
thank you so much for really gave me positive energy.
looking for a study partner..hope i will also get study partner soon..

i have a question.. u said u read uw with sp..means u have done questions together?

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* Re:my step 1 and step 2 CK experience
  mhaiah2 - 10/23/20 23:17
  Hi! I need a study partner to do uworld. Email me :  
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