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* Is it harder to pass after failing
  scoresmatter - 11/30/20 15:26
  If you are retaking Step 1, then try to make these changes this time around to improve your chances of passing...

Build Vocabulary in terms of Greek, Latin word parts, Labs, Images and Sounds. Time your Readings of FA Step 1 and Step 3. Not only do timed UW blocks but time your review of mistakes as well. Use limited high quality reviews such as FA, UW, NBMEs. Do 2-3 Step 1 NBMEs to test your Step 1 knowledge for day 1, every NBME CMS, 4 block NBME Online timed and 2 NBMEs a day timed atleast twice before the test to simulate real test and use mask while studying and testing. Try to limit the whole Step 3 prep process to 40 days or less 7-11 hours min every day. Always read like your test is day after tomorrow... helps maintaing pace! Get better at Biostats and Epidemiology!

Moving faster and knowing vocabulary will make a huge difference this time around. Memory is as fragile as you... so try to maintain healty body and mind. Maintain Positive Attitude towards self, Step 1 and your future to minimize burnouts and frustration. Anxiety will reduce once you will be able to demonstrate higher scores to yourself. Answer questions without debate, reflexly like what is your name? You know it or you don't. Don't waste time debating, rather use the time you will save to review mistakes and memorize notes. Get at least average scores on Step 1 NBMEs before this Retake!

Don't retake Step 1 if practice. NBME Self Assessment scores are not at least 2 standard deviations above the passing score or at average score. If that happens, please get professional help because Step 1 scores will matter until 2022. A little guidance, better attitude and focused work can work wonders and turn your life around.

Always there whenever you need help with USMLE Step 1 or NBME Comp Exam.

All the very Best from Dr. Malik

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