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* to all mothers taking usmle exams!!
  menaembaby - 01/08/20 18:28
  being a mother with studying and taking tests is really tough..I am a mother of 2 and I took most tests while pregnant or nursing......i thought i would share this data, I used it in my Step 2 ck exam last year and it really helped me out.

if you are pregnant or nursing a child, ask your obgyn to sign this form for you and send it to the address included, you will get additional break time. it is so useful cause you can take your time in the bathroom, eat, drink and relax between blocks not be running in and out of the test room like crazy.

there is another forum that people with medical illness and severe conditions can fill out and they can get additional testing time if approved by nbme, but I never tried that.

the additional break time is a great gift that you will not realize except when you are in the test. I took my step 3 in December but I was not pregnant or nursing so I could not get any extra break time, but I wish I could!!

good luck to all females out there with a family/kids I know how hard it can get sometimes, REMEMBER THE USMLE IS A LOT EASIER THAN HAVING BABIES AND RAISING THEM SO IF YOU ARE CONQUERING MOTHERHOOD YOU CAN DEFINITELY PASS JUST DO NOT GIVE UP......
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