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* Looking for coauthors for article publication
  researchgroup - 07/19/20 18:26
  Hi everyone,

I am reaching out to you to see if you will be willing to join my team with collaboration & publication funding. We are IMGs - group of authors who are publishing articles for resume development for residency application of September 2021. Our goal is to publish 20 articles and we have successfully completed 8 publications so far.

We have published original research, literature reviews, case reports and many more. The problem we are having is we are short on funds. As we coauthors collaborate to buy subscription based articles which are not free to add as references in our papers. Also, we use 2 doctors/editors from John Hopkins Hospital who work as part-time editors to edit our papers before submission to the journals.

If you are interested in joining us, please reach out to me for collaboration. Majority of our papers are Internal Medicine topics. NO NEW WRITERS SORRY. We are looking for people with experience in writing, editing, and also willing to contribute towards the funds. If you are only interested in writing, then please don't reach out to me as all the coauthors are paying towards funding the project. It won't be fair to others.

Talk to you soon!
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* Re:Looking for coauthors for article publication
  oliverwright - 07/20/20 03:32
  Hello! I thought I'd grow up and do whatever I want. But this is not the case when it comes to homework. Over the course of my two-week Covid-19 disease, my college assignments had piled into a mountain ready to bury me under. Thanks for service taking some load off my shoulders.  
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