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* FRED - PSYCH --- why?
  mocha260 - 09/15/20 19:13
  Can anyone please rule these out....

A 35-year-old woman is brought to the emergency department by police after they found her wandering the streets and appearing intoxicated. On arrival, she is tremulous and appears distressed. She says she moved out of her abusive boyfriendís apartment 1 week ago because she was afraid he would kill her. She has no financial or emotional family support. She worked at a grocery store until 1 month ago when she was fired for missing four shifts during the course of 1 week. During the past week, she has slept less than 4 hours nightly because she has slept on the streets or in shelters. She has panic disorder treated with fluoxetine. She takes no other medications. Ten years ago, she underwent 6 months of psychotherapy for dependent personality disorder. During the past year, she has drunk four or more glasses of wine and other alcoholic beverages nightly. She tried to quit drinking alcohol twice during the past year but was unsuccessful. Her last alcoholic drink was 24 hours ago. Pulse is 90/min and blood pressure is 140/90 mm Hg. Physical examination shows resting hand tremors and delayed reflexes. Mental status examination shows slurred speech. She has an irritable mood and anxious affect. Blood alcohol concentration is 140 mg/dL. Which of the following is the strongest predisposing risk factor for suicide in this patient?

(A) Adjustment disorder with depressed mood
(B) Alcohol use disorder
(C) Dependent personality disorder
(D) History of physical abuse
(E) Panic disorder

Can anyone please rule these out....

Why not A or D?
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* Re:FRED - PSYCH --- why?
  summer2020 - 09/15/20 21:13
  Tricky one... I know depression is strongly related to suicide risk and maybe abuse too, but not sure about others.  
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