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* passed my exam on 2nd attempt
  ka_md - 03/05/20 08:32
  Hi guys,
I want to share my experience for Step 2 CS.

I am an IMG. I did my first step 2 CS in LA in 2013.
I only finished FA book, I practiced with my husband, which also a doctor, using the cases from FA book. Then I failed my CIS. I was in rush doing the encounter, I did not pull the drawer when the patients were in supine position, their legs were hanging in the edge of the bed!! I also did not tie the gown back properly. I do not really remember how exactly the exam went on back then, I did not remember asking permission in each step of physical exam. I did not really know what to do and what's not to do for the exam. I was too confident that the whole encounters would be the same with the one we had in my country.

I did not want to fail twice. SO I took it more seriously. What I did differently were:
1. I did observership in US hospital two months before the exam. Thank God the doctors gave me opportunity to do physical exam with the patients.
2. I practiced with two IMG friends, via skype and live. We had opportunity to practice in exam room just like we'd have in the real exam. We practiced for a month and half, through skype every night (because I had to do observership during the day) and live in the hospital every weekend using the cases from FA book and Kaplan.
3. I modified the mnemonic list of questions I had to ask so that I would cover every question. the three of us had our own mnemonic in general.
4. I subscribed for CSE video, watched it almost every night.

I took my second attempt last Jan in PA. I heard rumors that PA is not IMG friendly which I found out after I applied for the test. However, the three of us are IMG and we passed! We're so happy about that.

after finishing my exam, I was not as confident as I was during my first exam. I think because at this point I knew what I had to do and not to do. So I hoped for the best and prepared for the worse.

So guys, just practice, practice, and practice!
Good luck guys for your exam!
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* Re:passed my exam on 2nd attempt
  smt - 03/05/20 09:22
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* Re:passed my exam on 2nd attempt
  med26 - 03/14/20 02:13
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* Re:passed my exam on 2nd attempt
  kristen16 - 04/02/20 05:53
  wow thats great congrats!  
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* Re:passed my exam on 2nd attempt
  sarahjohns - 04/27/20 15:40
  @ka_md kriten or med26 I need guidance tell me where can i get csevideo my fellows have passed with this CSEvideo for how many months do I subscribe for?
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