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* Fellow ship without residency
  match20 - 02/28/20 14:45
  Does anyone know about Fellowship wihtout residency? Where should apply? Is it difficult to find? Is it useful?
Any input appriciated. TIA
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* Re:Fellow ship without residency
  oldgrad2000 - 05/13/20 22:55

i was looking at those felowwship programes u suggested, they have requirement like you already finished ur neurology residency or like in ur final year. do you think they will accept Fmgs just with ECFMG and no residency training, thanks a lot for ur help in this forum, best of luck .
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* Re:Fellow ship without residency
  sinoatrial - 05/14/20 02:25
  This post and the replies are really helpful for me as well. thank you for bringing it up.  
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* Re:Fellow ship without residency
  braveheart_2020 - 05/14/20 14:34
  Yes, they mention that in the requirements, however, they do accept fellows without residency back home.
Examples for places:

Rush University (Neuroimmunology)

NYU (Autonomic disorders)

Duke University (Epilepsy)

Medical affiliated college, Milwaukee (Pediatric Epilepsy)

University of Texas-Houston (epilepsy surgery)

Those are places I am aware of. In general, would be best to look up AAN website, look for all fellowships (for sake of finding the email contacts of them). contact all epilepsy/neurophysiology/headache/ autonomic/neuroimmunology. Forget what they are saying about their requirements. Tell them your credentials and you are interested. 90% will ignore your email or reject you. 10% will contact you further and arrange for interview.

Hope this is helpful
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* Re:Fellow ship without residency
  oldgrad2000 - 05/14/20 21:44
  Yeah it does help, thank you so much for ur time.  
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