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* State Licensure
  sandra1981 - 03/17/20 16:14
  I am on OLD IMG and matched 12 years after Med school and 4 years after home country residency training. I am a little worried about being able to get state license as I have heard alls tips must be taken within 10 years, med school must be approved by CA medical board baa baa baa. Any kind soul could guide me so I do not delay my training any further. Also, are there any good lawyers you know who help with legal help with licensing issues ? Thanks  
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* Re:State Licensure
  braveheart_2020 - 03/17/20 16:25
  I am not aware about relationship between year of graduation and the date of license, what states have such requirement?

I am aware that you would need to explain any gap between the last clinical training you had the current date on the application.

For unrestricted license, there are state requirements for USMLEs (Many states requires all steps including step 3 being passed within 7 years from the date of passing the first step you had, other states have 10 years period, while few states have no restriction). Regardless if you meet the requirements or not, you can always write a letter to explain any deficit you have in the application and to ask them to waive some of the requirements which can be commonly done after the board members of that state have a meeting and discuss the details of the application.
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* Re:State Licensure
  sandra1981 - 03/23/20 23:14
  Thank you. I was mixing unrestricted license with license for residency training. What is the process for getting a license/registration to start residency training ? It's difficult to get documents from my medical school and now this lockdown. I matched on 10th attempt and don't want. to blow it away. Please guide. me  
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* Re:State Licensure
  braveheart_2020 - 03/24/20 07:24
  Hi Sandra
The residency program where you have matched will guide you through the process.
They will soon send you a welcome packet with some orientation material and online tasks to prepare you for the required paper works to start your residency. Apply to the educational limited license after you receive the instructions from your program.

In general to get educational limited license you would need to fill an application, and you would need to fill a form regarding your medical school and have it signed by your medical school dean. Some of the boards require the school to sign the document and mail it to them directly by themselves.

Don't start the process yet, you should receive something from your residency program within the next two weeks.

In the meantime, go to the board of medical license at your state where you have matched, read about the application and the required forms to familiarize yourself about the process.

Regarding being away from medical school (12 years) it should not be problem for residency, but you would need to submit a letter to ask the board to waive that requirement for the unlimited license thereafter. I know about year limits for USMLEs, not sure about the year limits of graduation from the medical school
In general, many licensing boards provides exception if you have american board( after graduation), or if you were continuously engaged in medical educational activities during the gap years you have had before residency. It is all possible, and if one state denied your unrestricted license application, there are many other states that are welling to approve it.
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* Re:State Licensure
  sandra1981 - 03/24/20 14:45
  Thanks Braveheart. I think they will likely ask us IMGS to help with COVID 19 pandemic under disaster credential approval. I will have to figure out how to contact medical school dean as they are 17th century folks who don't like to sign documents or communicate.  
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