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* Matched after 10 years of long struggle
  psonis - 03/18/20 15:26
  Hello everyone,

First congratulations to everyone who matched and good luck to ones who did not match. I matched this year with one interview which i received through contacts. I am an old graduate from 2008. worked in my home country for few years and then moved to US. Finished USMLE steps in first attempt but not so great scores. Step 1 - 216, Step 2 CK- 223, Step 3-211.
First applied in 2014 to pediatric, family medicine with only 1 interview. Program withdrew from the match.
2015-Applied to IM, pediatrics, FM. 1 interview, Did not match
2016- Applied to IM no IV,
2017- Applied to IM, no IV, received H4-EAD, new LORs from well known university doctors
2018- Applied to IM no IV
2019- Applied to patho, psychiatry, IM. received 1 IM interview through contact.
2020- Matched----- never thought i would be able to say this but i matched

From 2014 to 2020, i kept doing observership, exeternship, worked as scribe, medical assistant. I dont have any post graduation from home country, neither have any research experiance.

It took a very long time but matched in IM. Still dont know if its preliminary or catagorical but lets hope its catagorical.

From my experience i believe that you just need 1 interview to prove yourself. SO keep trying
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* Re:Matched after 10 years of long struggle
  bioepi - 03/18/20 15:44
  Congratulations for not giving up and ultimately getting matched.

Connection matters!!!!! Connection makes a difference!!!!!!

We at BioEpi (, help candidates with research and highly recommend that they present their research at clinical conferences. This has been very helpful for folks to make connections, get interviews, and matched.

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