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* Didn't Match
  ssji - 03/22/20 23:11
  Hi there,

I'm a Canadian IMG. I didn't match this year. Applied to 300 programs based on matcharesident in FM/IM/TY/Prelim. Also nothing through SOAP. Got 2 IM and 2 TY/Prelim interviews. In all cases the PDs said it was due to Visa issues and Scores. I emailed programs through FRIEDA that are non-ERAS and/or non-NRMP.

Scores: Step 1 (211), Step 2 (209), CK (1 attempt), Step 3 (1 attempt).
I'm presently in a review course for Step 3.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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* Re:Didn't Match
  ssji - 03/22/20 23:12
  Oh, and I checked out swaparesident, findaresident, and FRIEDA.  
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* Re:Didn't Match
  pushing - 03/23/20 19:05
  Honestly, you did a great job getting 4 interviews with your profile. When did you graduate?

I'm a Canadian IMG as well and recently matched into an IM program through completing research in that program. If you are interested in doing research send me your CV. Make sure to highlight any research experience. The process will require a few interviews.
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* Re:Didn't Match
  bioepi - 03/24/20 00:15
  We offer research experience through publications and abstracts. We also teach everything you need to ace biostatistics questions in USMLE. Please talk to us:  
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