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  chiclerkships - 04/08/20 20:22
  If you are unable to travel or to find US clinical experience, Chicago Clerkships is offering telemedicine rotations in pediatrics, internal medicine, neurology, family medicine, psychiatry and ob/gyn. Not only are telemedicine rotations useful during the COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine represents the future of medicine to some degree for all specialties.

We continue to offer "in-person" hands-on clinical rotations as well. With the exception of emergency medicine, most all of them have eliminated any hospital exposure for the time being and are fully outpatient. This is due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Rest assured, even in normal times, many of our clients do ALL of their USCE in outpatient settings and then match, often to more than one program. See our Facebook page for current matches. Each day we are posting a new match notification.

Spanish language skills have become increasingly necessary for healthcare providers in the United States. For roughly 53 million people residing in the US, Spanish is their native language or they have been raised speaking both languages equally. There are more people speaking Spanish in the US than in Spain, Colombia, Argentina or any other Latin American country with the exception of Mexico.

Given this reality, Chicago Clerkships is offering live, low-cost, online small-group classes for those who wish to learn the basics of medical Spanish. Classes are offered via Zoom conferencing, and are open to Chicago Clerkships clients and others through an online membership program. Classes begin on May 4, 2020.

For more information on telemedicine rotations, hands-on rotations, and medical Spanish classes, email us at
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