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* Research Opportunity
  diversilabs - 04/14/20 16:37
  We are conducting collaborative clinical outcomes studies among several institutions in radiation oncology, for stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT).

We cannot guarantee your success, but thus far the pre-residents who have written papers with us have had a 100% track record for placement the following year.

If you are interested please email your CV to
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* Re:Research Opportunity
  sandra1981 - 04/24/20 01:19
  I have a strong research background as a postdoc/staff scientist in clinical research currently working on cancer research at a reputed university and will be starting residency soon. Is that a paid position ? I can run all kinds of clinical studies with hypothesis and data provided. thanks  
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* Re:Research Opportunity
  rometo2019 - 04/24/20 09:35
  sandra1981 can u share ur credentials please  
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* Re:Research Opportunity
  diversilabs - 04/24/20 17:37
  Hi Sandra1981!

It looks to me like you have already matched and already have a good position at a reputed university, so I would just say Congratulations! It looks like you have already made it past the level of volunteer positions like what we can arrange. So I am glad you made it! If there is some reason why you would still be interested in our research opportunities, please email your CV to the address in our first post on April 14. Best wishes to all who read this - it's a long struggle but you can achieve!
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* Re:Research Opportunity
  sandra1981 - 04/25/20 03:50
  @rometo very atypical route I chose as an IMG, old grad with good scores but didn't match, went home did aim Residency with research, came to US for a research fellowship and got GC etc. Retook some of my steps so my credentials wouldn't be very helpful  
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