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* Tips to match OBGYN
  cluelessabtwholethin - 04/16/20 11:24
  Hey guys,

I am a MS2 USIMG that is looking to match in OB/GYN. I am currently in dedicated of STEP 1 and I think i can do well. I am very much interested in Ob/gyn just for many reasons (one is that they literally saved my life and I have been as a patient well treated and appreciated). I want to match there but I am just trying to figure out how difficult really is... statistics are not on my side :/ I would like to open a entry to see if y'all can give me a little more insight and just point me in the right direction about what do I need to do to be successful on the match.

Thank you, grazie, gracias
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* Re:Tips to match OBGYN
  cluelessabtwholethin - 04/22/20 10:16
  nobody :(  
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* Re:Tips to match OBGYN
  pushing - 04/22/20 11:25
  You are asking for advice on a specialized field in a general match forum. Majority of people do not have experience matching into a OBGYN program. I think you would find better results posing the question on student doctor forum's OBGYN residency section.

Generic advice:
-Take extra OBGYN rotations
-score well
-if possible, publish and/or present a poster presentation on OBGYN
-join a OBGYN medical organization, most of the time the membership is free for current medical students. Go to that organization's next conference.
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